Already know what you want to work on and achieve? Then let’s do it. Adrift and need to set a course. Then let’s do that.

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Do you need a non-judgemental sounding board? A compassionate guide to figure out your next best healthy steps forward, one at a time? The space to find clarity and strip out the fear once and for all?

I can guide you with compassion to the heart of the matter so that you can awaken, align with your true self, make dynamic life choices and experience real growth in the areas of your life that need it most.


Claire is a qualified life-coach with 30 years professional experience as an entrepreneur and theatre creative; performer, writer, director, producer and teacher. Using proven, effective tools and resources as well as her innate empathy and experience, Claire will guide you to the heart of the matter from where you can chart your course to genuine wellbeing and reach your goals.

Book an Individual Laser session, 1hr 15 minute session: at £95

Book 4 coaching sessions for £280  (1hr sessions at £70 each)

Book 6 coaching sessions for £360  (1hr sessions at £60 each)

Please reach out if having difficulty financially as some funding is available


Rather be snoozing? Overwhelmed or getting in your own way? Have a great idea but no clue where to start?

Are you procrastinating or plain running away from what you know needs to happen? The very things you desperately want to happen? Wasting time like there’s no tomorrow? Wait. What?

Embark on a journey of 6 sessions to find the motivation, get all your ducks in order and MAKE IT HAPPEN.

For the love of Pete let there be more! Adrift and need to come home to your true wild self? Can’t hear yourself above all the din? What does ‘too late’ even mean?

I believe that our unique deep inner wisdom will reveal the answers we seek. And by asking the right questions, setting clear intentions, we can uncover the authentic self that lies within and create a life that brings genuine happiness and success.

Do you need to pause, even stop, and take stock?

Our values, our dreams and our direction naturally change throughout the course of our lives and then we wonder why the seas are getting choppy as we pine for smooth sailing. Time to check in with the internal compass, observe the prevailing winds, reset the sails and enjoy the view from the deck.


Including Understanding Your Values for Effective Decision Making

Also offered for couples to individually brainstorm in order to better align priorities in decision making

“The coaching session with Claire was great! I was able to see the bigger picture with more clarity. The zoomed-out bird’s eye view was so useful in being able to weigh up and make confident decisions that felt true to myself and my goals reassurance that I’m moving in the right direction.” Joe, Film Maker